Global System markets a wide range of refined fuels, lubricants and greases for use in many diverse applications ranging from automotive equipment, construction equipment, industrial machinery to the highly advanced and sophisticated aviation & marine equipment.

     Global System also provides an added service to collect and dispose of used lubricants, slop under the strict guidelines of the relevant authorities.  Collection of slop shall either be in drum, by road tanker or by slop barge.


Automotive & Industrial
High Speed Diesel Oil/Automotive Diesel Oil (0.05% sulphur content), Kerosene in drum packing and bulk.
Marine Gas Oil, Marine Heavy Fuel Oil–180cst/380cst, Intermediate Marine Fuel Oil by steel bunker barge.
    Automotive & Aviation
    - Passenger car engines  - Turboprop & jet engines
    - Gasoline & diesel truck engines   - Aircraft hydraulic systems
    - Severe service diesel engines    - Aircraft dervied gas turbines
    - Automatic transmission  - Wide temperature range greases
    - Hydraulic & power transmission  - Brake system  
    - Extreme pressure/temperature enclosed  - Multiservice automotive greases
       gears & drive axles
   Industrial & Construction

    - Hydraulic & way systems                              

- Machine tool & textile spindles

    - Open gears & extreme pressure,                  

- Vaccum pumps

       temperature enclosed gears                            

- Refrigeration compressors

    - Turbine & circulating systems            

- Heat transfer systems

    - Compressor                                                  

- Metal removal operations

    - Machine tool ways & slides                           

- Power transmission systems

    - Multiservice industrial greases            

- Wide temperature greases
    - High output crosshead engine - Trunk diesel engine
    - High output trunk engine - Crosshead diese engine
    - Gas engine - Steam gas engine
    - Hydraulic & power transmission - Severe worm gears
    - Turbine & circulating systems - Open gears
    - Enclosed gears - Wide ranging temperature greases
    - Compressors & refrigeration -  Water resistant greases
                  It is illegal to dump hazardous, toxic waste of chemicals, solvents, oil in and around Singapore land and water.  Only licenced contractor is allowed to collect and dispose it under strict guidelines of the relevant authorities.  We are able provide waste disposal at Global System.  Click here for more information.